5 Reasons To Be A Winter Texan

Every year when the weather turns cold in states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, thousands of people head south to spend winter — especially the comfortable temperatures of the Texas coast. To locals, these folks are known as Winter Texans.

Of course, it’s not just the balmy temperatures that keep a winter Texan coming back time after time. There are plenty of other excellent reasons to enjoy spending winter in the Lone Star State:

1) Affordable Condo Rates

When the summer crowds leave, the condos remain. As a result of the decreased demand, Winter Texans get to enjoy the Lone Star State’s warm temperatures without forking over a ton of cash for accommodation. At Gulfstream Condos, we provide heavily discounted winter rates for guests staying more than 30 days.

2) Ample Outdoor Activities

From golfing to fishing to hiking, the state of Texas is packed with a wide variety of enjoyable outdoor activities. In many cases, it can actually be easier to enjoy these pursuits during the winter months. The slightly cooler weather means that golf courses, lakes, and hiking trails are not as packed with tourists as they are during the summer months — leaving Winter Texans free to enjoy the outdoors in peace and tranquility.  Often the “winter” months are the most enjoyable to be out in.  A sunny day in the 60s and 70s is perfect for outdoor activities.

3) Low Cost Lifestyle

When compared with other popular warm-weather states like New York, Florida and California, the cost of living in Texas is extraordinarily low. Winter Texans can pay for all of their necessities and even enjoy luxuries like restaurant trips and theater performances without breaking the bank. Having the ability to forget about money and just focus on having fun is a uniquely Texan experience.

4) Friendly Locals

The residents of the Lone Star State take the principles of Southern hospitality very seriously. At the grocery store, at the park, and even at the post office, locals are always ready to greet newcomers with a friendly wave and a welcoming smile. Indeed, Winter Texans often return to their home state having made countless lifelong friends during their time away.

5) Quick Access to the Beach

During the winter months, temperatures in Texas can get up into the 70s — perfect weather to get out and explore the state’s abundance of natural beauty. Lakes, beaches, rivers are just a few of the scenic features that Winter Texans get to enjoy when they visit the Lone Star State. Those who don’t mind a drive can even hop in their car and take a trip to one of the state’s two national parks — Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park or make their way to the rolling Texas hill country.

Escape the Cold – Spend Winter in Texas

Between the freezing temperatures and the icy roads, winter in northern states can be absolutely brutal. If you, like most people, are sick and tired of wasting months indoors hiding from the cold, there is a better option. Visit Texas and spend your days strolling on the beach, meeting new people, and enjoying life. You’ll be glad you did!

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